About Proponent

The proponent of the Project was previously called Total Eren Australia Pty Ltd (TE). In August 2023, following acquisition by Total Energies SE, TE changed its name to TotalEnergies Renewables Australia Pty Ltd (TERA). TotalEnergies Renewables Australia Pty Ltd continues to build, own and operate renewable energy assets in Australia.

TERA is a leading power producer specialised in developing, financing, constructing, and operating large-scale wind and solar PV projects. In Australia, TERA is developing a pipeline of late-stage NEM-connected projects of 800MW utility-scale solar and 1.3GWh of co-located batteries, and leading the charge to decarbonise the TotalEnergies Exploration & Production activities through the development of bespoke behind-the-meter solutions to slash CO2 emissions.

TERA has an Australian team of 30+ renewable energy experts, encompassing a “whole-of-life” approach to project development targeting 4.5GW of renewable capacity (wind, solar, storage) installed in Australia by 2028.

Recent achievements in Australia include the construction and operations of the 256 MWp Kiamal Solar Farm Stage 1 (“KSF1”), Victoria’s largest solar farm and its 190MVar Kiamal Synchronous Condenser. KSF1 is the world’s first co-located solar farm with synchronous condenser and today hosts Australia’s largest single-unit synchronous condenser, which provides critical system strength services to the North-West Victorian transmission network.