Planning Progress

The Middlebrook Solar Farm (the Project) is made up of multiple land parcels located 22km South of Tamworth.

    The proposed solar farm is subject to final design and has an expected capacity of up to 320 MWac. The project is located around 4 km east of the New England Highway and will connect into one of the two existing 330 kV transmission lines.

      The NSW Planning Department is currently undertaking the planning assessment for Middlebrook Solar Farm following the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) submission. The specialist assessments that were required are within the EIS.

        NEXT STEPS
        1. The Department of Planning and Environment and other relevant government agencies will review the Submissions Report and the updates.
        2. The Department will prepare an assessment report for the NSW Independent Planning Commission (IPC) to continue the planning process.
        3. The Commission will likely undertake the following:
        (a) review the material provided;
        (b) conduct a site inspection;
        (c) meet with us;
        (d) hold a public meeting/hearing; and
        (e) make a determination.

        More information on the IPC’s role in the planning process can be found on the IPC’s website at The key features of the Proposal include the following:

        • up to 320 MWac solar PV farm;
        • solar panel arrays installed on single-axis tracking technologies;
        • PV inverter collection boxes;
        • onsite medium voltage cabling and electrical connections;
        • a 330 kV onsite collector substation and switching station;
        • onsite energy storage facility (up to 300MW/780MWh); and
        • associated project infrastructure.